about yield

we find new ways to achieve growth

yield is a modern accounting and business advisory service provider. We help people through their whole life journey through providing expert advice in the areas of accounting, tax planning and financial planning. 


But we do more than that. We also partner with you to help you achieve your individual goals.


You want an accountant who will treat your financial investment like the investment it is. And that is exactly what we do.


We don’t just keep your finances in order. We help drive financial growth.

our story

After a decade working in the industry, Lachlan Ballinger founded yield in 2014. As early adopters of cloud-based software, remote working and paperless systems, we have been innovating from day one.


Since then, yield has experienced significant, sustained growth.


From just two employees around a kitchen table, yield now boasts 30 team members across three locations—Brisbane, Sydney and the Sunshine Coast.


We are a living, breathing example of the growth we help our clients achieve.


Our experienced senior managers have business and accounting expertise in multiple industries.


They manage a team of dynamic, energised professionals who are passionate about providing clients with the right support. Support to help them achieve big things in their business.


We take the time to really understand your processes and your goals. That way, we can give you the best advice for maximising efficiency and growth.

the yield approach

At yield, we are:


We are on top of new trends, which means you are too. We forecast potential changes in the landscape and make sure you are prepared for what comes next.

big-picture thinkers

We aim high and play the long game. We ensure your financial journey results in the best possible outcome.


We maximise the potential of your individual wealth or business through strategic planning. We listen to your goals and map out how to achieve them. And if needed, we will help you course correct.


We use data to guide effective decision-making. Our clients can take big strides with confidence, based on our high-quality research and projections.


We are not getting swept along in the wake of change—we are riding the wave. In our business, we are not afraid to do things differently.


We get to know you and your specific circumstances, tailoring our support to suit your needs. We understand that trust is an important part of success.

a team that sees your potential

Our team has been carefully selected. Not just for their experience and expertise, but for their growth mindset, energy and enthusiasm.


We work hard and we have fun doing it. We take pride in helping our clients achieve their goals.


Because your success is our success.

Lachlan Ballinger

Our firm is one of the few delivering advisory services successfully!

lachlan ballinger

managing director
Hayley Berneville_web_3166

Driving innovated growth and success for our clients is yield’s primary focus!

hayley ballinger

Scott_web_2019 MAIN

Providing timely advice and reporting in today’s environment is more critical than ever!

scott lumsden

director - tax advisory

We work with our clients to develop strategies in order to reach their business and personal goals.

stephanie higgins

associate director

I really enjoy working with such a fantastic, innovative team!

natalie martin-booker

certified financial planner
Emily Peers

I really enjoy working with such a fantastic, innovative team!

emily peers

general manager - people & operations
Elisha Manning_web_9050

I love being at the forefront of marketing and helping discover new insights for our clients.

elisha manning

executive marketing manager
Ebony Griffin

Improving efficiency with our client’s day-to-day processes allows better focus on achieving overall business goals.

ebony griffin

Kimberly Thompson

I enjoy providing innovative solutions in an efficient manner to our valued clients.

kimberly thompson

Keiana Filipo

I am extremely excited by the opportunities at yield to make a positive contribution!

keiana filipo

senior accountant

We are passionate about our clients and working with them innovatively to achieve results. I love working with such a dedicated and contemporary team.

alastair brett

senior accountant
Jake Haebich

I am grateful to be working with a young, energetic team leading the way in innovative accounting and advisory solutions, yield is a firm like no other!

jake haebich

senior accountant

bianca bennetts


taylor wynne


I enjoy providing innovative solutions in an efficient manner to our valued clients.

paola malferrari


I enjoy working as part of such a dynamic, young & savvy team that strives to exceed expectations.

vanessa de wet


anna atkinson


taylor kennedy


lachlan gardner


mara studer


shannon feeney

undergraduate accountant

karly unwin

accounting process engineer

Jasmine Angel

accounting process engineer

elise taylor

accounting process engineer

renae salameh

client service officer

jessie hodder

client service officer

emily forbes

client service officer

isaac metherell

content creator

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