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At yield, our financial advisors always have your best interests, and you top of mind. Our financial advice provides our clients with a tailored strategy, that suits you, rather than the firm. Our advice will support you in achieving your current and future goals and objectives.


Our aim is to assist our clients to build and manage their wealth – for their own futures and future generations. You can depend on us to create opportunities for your financial success – and to do so in a manner that is ethical, effective and accountable.


We have offices located in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Sydney, however we service clients all across the country.

Financial solutions

Wealth Management

We use a number of independent research houses to construct portfolios that are tailored to your growth, income needs and objectives. We will help you understand your investments and change this over time according to market and economic influences. We will use both active and passive investment styles across a broad range of asset classes to give you risk adjusted returns that are backed by research.

Structuring Specialists

We are the specialists in structuring your assets and your businesses. We look at personal ownership, joint ownership, trusts, companies, superannuation, and bonds and advise you on what is the most appropriate for your circumstances.


We formulate strategies based around your goals and objectives and help you achieve these. Whether you are looking at expanding or starting a new business, reducing work hours, buying a new home, retiring early, paying down debt, looking after children or selling assets. Whatever the goal, we can assist you to ensure that you have the right strategy that will work for you.

Ethical Investing

At yield we have a purpose. We believe in investing in funds that have strong ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) factors. We can construct portfolios based around your ESG and sustainability preferences.

Retirement Planning

This is the process leading up to retirement where we look at maximising your contributions using a number of different strategies and establish how much capital and income you will require for your retirement. We usually find this involves adjusting your superannuation investments according to your retirement needs. We will guide you through the process of allocated pensions in superannuation, defined benefits, aged care pensions and annuities where appropriate for your needs.


We will take the time to run through your needs and advise you on the necessary cover required by you, your family and your business ensuring you are in a price competitive contract. We specialise in personal insurances such as:

  • Life cover
  • Total and Permanent Disability cover (TPD)
  • Income Protection
  • Crisis/Trauma cover
  • Business Expense cover
  • Key man/person cover
  • Buy/sell agreements (the relevant insurance for this contract)

Estate & Succession Planning

We will work with your Estate Planner to ensure your structure is correct and your loved ones (beneficiaries) of your Estate are protected and receive this in the most tax efficient way. We can also provide financial advice to the beneficiaries of your Estate so that they are able to manage the benefits and are looked after in accordance with your wishes.


If you are thinking of, going through or have been through a separation or divorce, we can help you rebuild yourself financially and empower you with the ability to make financial decisions on your own.


We can assist you in managing your inheritance and having this work towards your long-term goals and objectives. Whether this is to pay off debt, invest for your future, provide an income stream, or look after dependants, we will help guide you through the decision-making process to give you the best options, as we understand this can often be an overwhelming time.


Our accounting team are the tax experts. They will assist you with everything you need to know to structure and run your personal finances, investments, and business in the most tax efficient manner.


Whilst we are not real estate agents, we will help navigate you around the mistakes that are often made when it comes to investing in both residential and commercial property. We will ensure the ownership is structured towards your needs and work alongside mortgage brokers and property specialists to see you in your new home or investment.

Debt Management /Reduction

We will work with you on a strategy to pay down personal, investment and business debt and ensure this is structured tax efficiently. This sometimes involves some money coaching and conversations around spending habits and keeping you accountable to your plans.

Get straight-forward financial advice from certified experts you can trust.

Financial advice with transparency

After our initial meeting, you can choose one of our professional services packages, so that there is complete transparency over our costs, and you can see the value that we can provide to your life. The professional costs are relevant to work that is required to meet with you, assess your needs, research, strategise, write and implement this advice for you. If you require ongoing services, you can simply choose from one of our annual packages that suits your needs.

Our advice process


We will send you some tasks to complete before our first meeting. Our first meeting will usually take around 60-90 minutes where we spend the time learning about you and what your needs are. Sometimes your circumstances will require 2 or even 3 initial meetings. After your first meeting we will also ask you for some documentation if we need this in order to provide you with a quote and advice.


We then work out what your vision looks like and agree on what goals you are trying to achieve and scope the advice that you will require from us.


This is the fun part; our team heavily researches facts and figures to formulate various pathways for you to achieve your goals.


This is where we will deliver you your Financial Plan, which is tailored to achieve your goals. We will book in a meeting or arrange a time to meet online to discuss the ins and outs of our recommendations to you.


If your plan requires any implementation from yield, we will ensure this is implemented correctly and at the right time.

Ongoing Progress

At yield, we know that change is inevitable, and we welcome this! If you engage us, we will look to alter your plan in line with your circumstances as well as the current economic and market conditions on an annual basis. We love tracking your progress to see you achieve your dreams!

Unlock your financial wealth

Long term outlook

We understand that achieving your financial goals is much more than a one-off transaction. We work with our clients for the long-term, helping them to continually evolve and improve on their strategies to help increase their wealth. We get to know you and your goals, tailoring a financial plan to support your needs.

Relationship focused

Everyone has a different definition of financial success. We get to know you and your goals, tailoring our advice to suit your needs. We understand that trust is an important part of success.


We are here to help you achieve your financial goals – whatever they might be. Our advisory services span across business, financial and tax advisory – offering you a comprehensive wealth of advice all in the one spot.

Access industry expertise

Our Certified Financial Planner is a member of


  • Financial Advice Association Australia (FAAA) – and is the current Sunshine Coast chapter chair.


  • Self-Managed Super Fund Association

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